From concept to realization…

Lara Hontzias Interior Design creates your interior world with integrated design solutions from beginning to end. From the first stage of programming to the last accessory set in place, Lara provides clear processes and communication. She ensures project and design challenges are overcome for builders, contractors, other designers and home owners through:

  • comprehensive planning and job parameters:
  • detailed drawings and specifications
  • conceptual design: furniture, cabinet and shelving
  • furniture layout, material selection, lighting and accents

For those who dream only of the finishing nail…

Builders and contractors love Lara’s sharp attention to detail and functional solutions that avoid interior design challenges from the very beginning of a project. With full plans, elevations and 3D drawings, a space can be easily visualized and client-approved before entering final contract document phase & the work gets started! Her ideas are easily implemented and work in any space.

For those who dream only of style…

Designers who prefer spending time on the ‘artistic side’ of interior design will love Lara’s complementary technical skills. Lara loves working with other designers to create their technical drawings, freeing them to style their clients’ homes without losing the ‘functional’ requirements of design.